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1 2003 Ford Thunderbird 2003 Ford Thunderbird Roadster. DGC4270 Vin 1FAHP60A83Y114270. Very nice red convertible with a black leather interior. Has both the red removable hard top and a black power soft top. These Thunderbirds are loaded with all creature comforts. Mileage is 108,030. These are great cars. I have had about 4 of them. One of the things I like about them is the size. They are a heavy car for their size yet they are not very big, so it’s easy to park and get in and out of tight spots. Also they are a great ride and very easy to drive. When I bought the Thunderbird it was running a little rough so when we took it in to Village for it’s service and safety check they found it had two bad coils. I have to tell you what a difference, it runs so well now. Andrew said it is the most powerful Thunderbird we have owned. It really runs nicely. These Thunderbirds really look good in red. I think you'll be impressed with how clean it is and how well it runs and drives. Now has 108,169 Miles. View Details
2 1966 Ford Mustang 1966 Ford Mustang 289 V-8 Coupe DGC2852. VIN. 6F07C392852. This Mustang has the pony interior. It’s a 3 owner car. Was sold new in Billings Montana. Not sure how long it’s lived in Western Washington. It’s been repainted correct Tahoe Turquoise. You can find chips in the paint. I found one small rust bubble. One of the first things I do when looking at a Mustang for the first time is to feel the rear drains on both sides. Most of the time they are patched or bondoed over but on this Mustang the drain holes are there, I like that. The trunk was very good too. Has a spare with a jack and lug wrench. I always want to buy a Mustang with a 289 V-8 with an automatic transmission and power steering and this one has all that. I can tell it runs and drives great as I bought it and drove it home about 40 miles. It ran great. It turned 108,000 miles on me. View Details
3 1997 Jaguar XK8 This is a beautiful car and a great driver. This one has some history. It was in a local collection and it had 20,000 miles when he sold it in May 2006 to a family friend. She put 42,000 miles on it in those 12 years or 3,500 miles a year. Mainly a summer driver. Powered by a 4.0 liter/290-hp DOHC engine. 5 speed automatic trans. PW, PD, PM, CC, A/C, AM/FM stereo cassette & CD changer, anti-lock brakes, traction control, dual air bags. The spare tire has never been used that I can see. Not a mark from a lug nut. All the tools for changing the spare are in place like they came from the factory. I have been driving the Jag a lot keeping it in my garage and only driving with the top down. The more I drive the better I like it. Joe at Old School Garage did the service and safety check on it. Cond. #2- View Details
4 1929 Ford Huckster 1929 Ford Huckster. DGT1785 VIN - Engine # A531785. This Huckster was in the same family for years and years. The grandfather had model As. Not sure if this was after he died or before? This Huckster was inherited by one of his daughters. They had a gas station down in Des Moines, Washington. They used the Huckster around the station mostly for advertising the gas station. They lost the lease to the gas station so she took the Model A home and it was left sitting outside for how long? And it was a mess. About 4 years ago Doug bought the Huckster. It took 2 tractors to get it out of the brush. He took it home, took it apart and started working on it. He refinished all the original wood except for the door panels. That was the only wood he replaced. Painted it and look at it now. Doug cleaned and painted the engine. He got it running and it runs great. It’s beautiful. I like the little fan mounted on the dash. Not sure how it was hook up it looks to be vacuum operated? A lot of time and money was spent. I very seldom see or get a Huckster. Another fun truck to take to shows. Great for business advertising. It draws attention. Cond. # 2 View Details
5 1953 Chevrolet 3600 1953 Chevrolet 3600 3/4 Ton PU. DGT3230. Vin #. J530013230. 1953 Chevy 3 window truck that has been restored. It has a 235 straight six engine from 1954. 3 on the tree manual transmission. 3/4 ton so the bed is about a foot longer. Motor was recently re-gasketed along with a new clutch. Very straight body that was repainted 6 or 7 years ago. I would call it cream colored, almost white. Chrome grill that has some damage, but as a driver PU it’s fine. New chrome front bumper. Has a decent black interior. Good wood bed that could stand to be revarnished. They took the VIN tag off when they painted it. May require bonding in your state. This is a driver quality PU. Has been converted to 12 volts. Joe, at Old School Garage, did the service and safety check. Joe also cleaned up some other minor things to make it a great driving PU. You can see what Joe did on his work order in the photos. Cond. # 3 +. View Details
6 1930 Ford Model a 1930 Ford Model A 4 Door Sedan DGC5018 VIN A2985018. You have to like Model “A”s and I do. This is a Murray bodied four-door sedan. Four-doors are rare, you see all sorts of other ones but not the four doors. I've had many Model “A”s before but I’ve only had two stunningly beautiful four-door sedans. This one has been totally frame-off restored. One of the better collections of receipts and notes I have ever seen came with this car (two ring binders full of information). It's totally stock. Great color combination. Check out the back seat and the window blinds, it came that way from the factory. Runs and drives very well, in fact he drove it to the clubhouse. View Details
7 1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Woody 1947 CHEVROLET FLEETMASTER WOODY WAGON. DGC9078 Vin. # 6 EKJ39078. A stock Woody wagon. 216 6 cylinder engine that just purrs. 3 speed transmission. Last owner bought it from Wes in Scottsdale, Az. Woodies USA in 2005. He used it in parades and with his grandkids. Has the 3rd row seat and the seats have been reupholstered. This is the only thing that is not stock and they look fine. Said he won trophies with it. This is not a restored Woody. The chrome grill and bumpers are in great shape. The paint could be better but looks good. We had it up on the hoist to take a look and very impressed on how good it is. Did not find any rust repair only 2 small spots you can see in the photos. The wood has had some restoration but most is original and has some issues but will last for years. It has patina. Has turn signals. Seat belts all 3 seats. All the gauges work. The dome light does not. We installed new wide white radials which makes it drive even better. Joe Old School Garage did the service and safety check and found the clutch was not working correctly so Joe installed a new clutch and a gear shift conversion kit. Andrew said it really shifts nice. Cond. # 3. Very nice!Looks great!I like this one. View Details
8 1956 Ford Thunderbird 1956 Ford Thunderbird Roadster. DGC8686. VIN. M6FH158686. Are you looking for a nice Small Bird to own? This one is in excellent condition. The paint is beautiful and it’s very straight. Neither Andrew nor I have found any rust or rust bubbles, This is one solid car. Interior is very nice. Check the floor pans behind the seat. The engine compartment is very well detailed. Open up the trunk and you will see the same thing. The floor pans are like new. check out all the photos on our web page. I think you will like what you see. We bought the Thunderbird from an estate so we never got to talk to the owner and as near as we can tell he owned it since 1994. It looks like it was a total restored car. Paint code L is Peacock Blue. Trim code XC is for Peacock Blue/White. M stands for 292 V-8 engine with 3 speed transmission. Does not have power steering or brakes. This Thunderbird came with a 4 BC carburetor but it now has a 3 BC carburetor. Just look it over. White hard top only. Cond. # 2. View Details
9 1997 Porsche boxster 1997 Porsche Boxster Roadster. DGC2131. VIN. WPOCA2988VS622131. I’m impressed with the Boxster. It is fun to drive. Soon this will be going up in value like the other Porsches. When you drive it and you will see what I’m talking about. Flat 6 cylinder engine. This one has the automatic 5 speed Tiptronic S transmission. Top speed with the automatic is 146 MPH. This has had 3 owners and very well cared for. When you look it over you will see what I’m talking about. 50,000 miles. The Porsche came to Washington from California in August 2017. Power steering. Power windows. Brand new tires and 4 wheel alignment. New convertible top window. New Kenwood stereo. Very nice!That's pretty cool.Thanks, I'll check it out. View Details
10 1959 Chevrolet El Camino 1959 Chevrolet El Camino. DGT3986. VIN. H59L223986. 348 4 BC Chevy engine. Was original a 3 speed on the column. Now has a 5 speed transmission. This is a great improvement. Power steering. 20 years ago this El camino under went a frame on restoration. I would tell you they could have done a better job on the floor pans other wise they did very good. It had rust in the floor pans and they could have done a better job patching them. Still has some rust in spots. The frame looks good and very solid. The body looks good no rust bubbles that I could find. Paint looks real good. The chrome looks good. The bench seat was replaced with bucket seats. Has a consol. Fender skrits. 1959 Chevrolet El Camino. DGT3986. VIN. H59L223986. 348 4 BC Chevy engine. Was original a 3 speed on the column. Now has a 5 speed transmission. This is a great improvement. Power steering. 20 years ago this El camino under went a frame on restoration. I would tell you they could have done a better job on the floor pans other wise they did very good. It had rust in the floor pans and they could have done a better job patching them. Still has some rust in spots. The frame looks good and very solid. The body looks good no rust bubbles that I could find. Paint looks real good. The chrome looks good. The bench seat was replaced with bucket seats. Has a consol. Fender skrits. View Details
11 2002 BMW 2002 BMW K1200LT. # WB10555A42ZD76652. Super clean 47,000 miles and these BMW’s are loaded. You want a bike for touring, that is what this is set up to do. Right down to the adjustable windscreen. Oh yes and cruise control too. You have to have tunes so you have AM/FM and a CD changer so you can take your music with you. Just one awesome motorcycle. I bought this bike because it was so clean. 2002 BMW K1200LT Cond. # 2. View Details
12 1975 Honda ST90K2 View Details
13 1934 Ford Streetrod 1934 Ford street rod pickup. DGT6784 VIN # 18 756784. It’s a good looking PU. Green body with black fenders. Wire wheels with wide white tires including side mount just set this PU off. A lot of money has been spent on it. It was taken down to the frame. We received a lot of receipts mostly from 1994 to 2001. Looks like the bulk of the work was done from 1996 to 1997. The pickup was put back together, installing 302 engine, C4 automatic transmission. Tilt GM steering column. Vega steering box. Dual master cylinder, power drum brakes. Turn signals. VDO gauges. 8” Ford rear end. It now has 7,000 plus miles. This is an all steel ’34. Has a little bit of bondo on both doors. The right door has a bondo crack. The underside is good and solid. Good history with this PU too. Some history from when I bought it 2 years ago: “I bought the truck in 1990 from Nick Jewett of Whisper Woodworking here in Kingston, Wa. He had driven it for 4 or 5 years as his delivery van and for advertising. Nick had bought it from Jim Moore DVM, a vet who owned and operated Appletree Cove Animal Hospital. It was mostly good metal and mechanically a patchwork-it had the flathead 8. I sent it back to my father for his birthday and he spent 20 years or so taking it down to the frame and building it back up. The last 6-7 years it had been sitting as my dad had health issues. It came back to Kingston last summer. Pop passed in March 2015.” This is the second time we have owned this PU. Sold it about 2 years ago. He was moving and no place to keep it. I was more than happy to get it back. He did not drive it very far. Now has 7,250 miles. I already took it to a car show, so I’m having fun with it. Cond. # 3 +. View Details
14 1963 Chevrolet Corvette 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster. DGC4140. VIN 30867S114140. If fender flairs, a big block hood, not the original engine, 3 tail lights, bad spots in the paint bother you, good bye! Now if you’re still reading this, let’s get to the facts. It’s a pretty good Vette. Now has $12,000 spent on a rebuilt 350 Chevy engine. Build sheet 350, Motor block #3970010 (truck block) Bored .030 over, line bored, and decked. Crankshaft (scat) Balanced Rods (scat) Pistons (Icon) ,030 over Camshaft Comp Cams 280 H Heads Dart 215c.c. Intake 2701 Edelbrock. RD Automovtive. Engine has an enlarged oil pan. Headers. When we were driving the Corvette from time to time, it would pop out of gear, so we took it in and had the transmission rebuilt. Has a Hurst shifter. Manual steering and brakes. As you can imagine this Corvette runs and drives well. It’s a clean car too. Interior is good. Cond. 3+. That's pretty cool.Thanks, I'll check it out.Looks nice! View Details
15 2003 Chevrolet SSR 2003 Chevrolet SSR Roadster Pickup. # 1GCES14P63B102635. This is one of those retro vehicles made by Chevrolet from 2003 to 2006. I have heard Chevrolet lost money on these trucks? This one has 95,000 plus miles and runs and drives great. Has updated radio with GPS and backup camera. CD & SD card slot. I just installed new custom wheels and tires. 20” wheels on the front and 22” on the rear and they look great. I really like how the top operates - put your foot on the brake, push the button and the top is up or down. I was driving in heavy traffic and it started to rain. When the traffic stopped, I pushed the button, the top came up and it happened so fast that no one even honked. My wife likes riding in this PU. I think of it as a PU Corvette. It’s fun. I guess you get the idea, I like driving it. The other thing about the SSR is they have a big following. You will have no problem joining a SSR group. I have friends that have SSR’s and they love the SSR. You can find all sorts of add on’s and these guys are having fun adding and changing their SSR to their liking. The only thing I have done is change the wheels and what a great look. I have driven it over4,000 miles. Cond. # 2. View Details
16 1967 Triumph 650 Bonneville 1967 Triumph 650 Bonneville T120R. DGM1104. VIN T120R DU51104. I found this Triumph in Idaho at a friend’s classic car shop. He had it on consignment and he does not know a lot about motorcycles. It was not running and it’s not perfect but I like Triumph Bonnevilles, so I bought it. Got it home and had Poke’s Cycle get it running and change the oil for us. It runs great. It could stand a new clutch cable. I rode it around the Clubhouse. It started very easily. Look over the photos, it looks like the tank has the original paint? You will see on the backend of the tank someone was doing something? The tack drive coming off the cam is broken so you would have to pull the head to repair it. Cond. # 3 View Details
17 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible 289 V-8 4 Speed. DGC3518 VIN 5R08U103518. This is a 641/2 Mustang that has it’s original hood grill surrounds and original big horns. It started out life as a 6 cylinder with a 3 speed transmission. Now has a 289 V-8 engine and a 4 speed transmission. It’s updated to 5 lug wheels. Front disc brakes. Originally blue paint and it is now white. The interior is correct white with blue. Has seat belts front and rear. Blue manual top with blue boot. Top looks real good. Aftermarket AM/FM radio. It has GT exhaust tips. Andrew has had it up on the rack and he could not find any rust. The left rear fender, just above and behind the wheel, looks to have been hit. You cannot tell on the outside but in the trunk you can see it. ( see photo) We changed the wheels to style steel wheels with new white wall tires. Added front bumper guards. It’s all service and safety checked and it’s ready to go. This Mustang was built by Dan Wiebold Ford in Nampa Idaho for the Mercy Medical hospital charity auction in Nampa Idaho about 8 years ago. They did a great job making this one of the better Mustangs you will find. Great driving car that will give you lots of fun miles. Cond. #2 View Details
18 1950 Ford Custom 1950 Ford Custom Convertible. DGC9711 BOCS139711. Beautifully restored. All stock. This is one fine automobile. It’s my favorite one right now. It’s not “show”, but it sure looks good. Driving it at 65 to 70 is a breeze. Total frame off restoration. Flathead V-8 with 3 speed overdrive transmission. Drove it home 70 miles. Joe, at Old School Garage, did the service and safety check. We installed new radial wide whites. New hub caps and beauty rings. I’m not sure I want to sell it. It’s been a long time since we have had one. It had an aftermarket radio and I bought a new AM/FM look-alike and it sure looks good. I bought this car from an estate. What little I know is that he bought it in Montana in 1974 from a man that started to restore it. He had it shipped home and he started restoring it. I got old photos showing this with notes on them and some had the dates on the back. The speedo shows 25,853 miles when I bought it. I don’t believe that is the mileage since restoration. I think it is less. The underside is extremely good. I thought I would find rust and when we did the underside video and really looked it over, the floorpans and the frame are beautiful. We did find some pin holes on the left inside rocker and very minor. I’m really impressed with how good this Ford is. We also installed new carpets. The top frames have been restored and painted. The top is tan and looks great. It was a power top originally but it’s manual now and works fine. ( watch the video ) It’s a great car that you will be happy owning. View Details
19 1971 Chevrolet fleetside 1971 Chevrolet Fleetside Pu. DGT1270. VIN. CF141S631270. Stunningly beautiful. Blue and white. Total frame off restored. We have driven the PU 139 since buying and it had 76 miles since the restoration when we bought it. Your going to ask how we got such a beautiful PU with on 75 miles on it. Has air. View Details
20 1965 rambler marlin 1965 Rambler Marlin Fastback DGC0460. VIN. 4100460. This is the first Marlin I have owned in all these years. You don’t see many of these cars. Great looking car, red with black trim. I was impressed with the condition and that even the cigarette lighter works. The AM/FM radio works but I could only get the FM. I was not able to switch it over to AM. The dash and dash pad are beautiful. I have been driving the Marlin about 30 miles. It gets thumbs up. It’s set up with a 287 V-8 engine with automatic transmission, power steering and power disc brakes on the front. The master cylinder and the power booster look new. Joe, at Old School Garage, replaced the left front brake caliber when he was doing the service and safety check. Joe also repacked the drive shaft, and installed a new muffler. Not many cars had disc brakes in 1965. New, very good looking Vision 141 Legend 17” mag wheels and new tires with about 150 miles. I found rust in the right side of the trunk. The under side is not “show” but it looks solid. Did find a little more rust, but nothing major. Check out all the underside photos. The engine compartment is clean it even has the original window washer bag. The spare is like new and has a jack and lug wrench but I did not find a jack base. The paint has some imperfections. See photos. The body is really straight. The interior needs some work. Headliner, front seats, carpets. View Details
21 1939 Buick 46-S 1939 Buick 46-S Sports Coupe. DGC9676. VIN 43589676. I'm impressed with the overall condition of this 1939 Buick. It was sold to the gentleman I bought it from as an original “survivor car” and they believe that it's 54,616 original miles. Now has 56,421 miles showing. There is no way to prove that. I will tell you that the car is pretty amazing for the fact that almost everything works. The cigarette lighter works, the dome light does not. Old School Garage got it working when he did the service and safety check. The trunk light works. I could not get the fog lights to turn on but Joe did. You won't believe how smooth the doors close. The engine is an eight cylinder 107 hp 248 It runs very well and it has been rebuilt. It had an exhaust manifold leak so it was noisy. Joe found an new exhaust manifold for it and now it’s quite. The transmission and clutch operate smoothly. The heater did not have a fan switch so Joe installed one. Now you get heat. Did you know that Buick was the first car with turn signals? The Buick emblem on the trunk lid is where the turn signals are and they were just fine. From 5 feet away you would think the paint is beautiful but it is not. It has been repainted at sometime. The interior could be all original except for the cloth wind seals around the doors. They just look too good to be original. It has jump seats in the back that fold up, out of the way for more storage. Another thing that works is the seat adjustment. It was smooth and they are almost always frozen up. The seat moves freely back-and-forth when you go to position it for your comfort. The trunk looks all original. It has the spare tire and jack. The chrome looks good but not perfect. It has BFGoodrich wide whites. Joe also fixed other things I found and Joe found so makes it a very pleasurable car to drive. I think you'll be very surprised how smooth and nice this car is to drive. Cond. # 3+. View Details
22 1933 Franklin 1933 Franklin Olympic Dual Side mounts 4 Door Sedan # 6398. This is not a normal car for us to buy, but every time I see an early 30’s car I want to have one. My first classic was a 1935 Packard Super 8. This Franklin is in great shape, not show, but it runs well, looks good and the wipers even work. I don’t know much about Franklins but I will learn more about this car. The Olympic has a 6 cylinder air cooled 274 engine and it’s massive in size. Franklin bought Reo Flying Clouds minus the engine and front end and added Airman engines, added Franklin hoods and grill shells. The idea was to have a less expensive automobile to sell. 1934 was the last year for Franklin. I’m not sure about the paint but I’m sure the interior is original and it’s very possible that the paint is also. It’s like it was in a time capsule. Most everything works, tho’ the gas gauge and speedo don’t. Both wipers work. One of the things I like on the 30’s cars is dual side mounts and this Franklin has them. Even has a trunk on the back. Window shades too. Of course it has running boards, you can just see it in Chicago back in the days of Al Capone…machine guns blazing. Joe at Old School Garage Did the service and safety check. It runs and drives good. It will pop out of 2nd gear. Joe went thought the wiring and fuel system. Cond. # 3+. View Details
23 1951 Ford F1 1951 Ford F 1 Pickup. DGT1374. VIN F1R1RH21374. This is a good looking street rod. It’s a driver quality PU, not a show truck that you would be afraid to drive. New 350 small block Chevy engine with Edlebrock carburetion. Dual exhaust. Turbo 350 automatic transmission with B&M floor shifter. Auto meter pro-comp gauges, speedometer and tachometer plus the gas, oil and temp gauges mounted under the dash. Very nice custom deep red interior including the headliner. GT wood steering wheel. Akuza wheels. Turn signals. Seat belts. This is not a high tech rod. Speedo shows 2,088 miles. (that is the miles since it’s restoration). Has the stock front end and rear end. Drum brakes. Diamond plate truck bed. I bought this PU in Auburn, Washington and drove it home in heavy stop and go traffic on a hot day. It never overheated. The temp did go up, so when I took it to Old School Garage, Joe found the thermostat was bad. He went through the PU, found some other things needing attention and fixed them. So it’s ready to go. Cond. # 3. View Details
24 1946 Ford Custom View Details
25 1987 chevy 1987 Chevy / 39 Studebaker Red Truck DGT4322 VIN. 1GCBS14E9H8104322. This is a Chevrolet S-10 truck donor vehicle with a Wilder Street Rods fiberglass ’39 Studebaker truck body installed on the S-10. So you have all the good running gear, 350 Chevy V-8 engine. The engine was just rebuilt. Aluminum radiator. Turbo 350 automatic transmission. Chevy 10 bolt rear end. Power steering. Power disc brakes on the front, drums on the rear. Factory air conditioning. Sony AM/FM/CD with malty speakers. Wood bed. 18” Foose 5 spoke wheels. There are only 50 of these bodies so far. It has a very unique look. When I bought it, I drove it home about 40 miles, mostly freeway. As you would expect it drives great. What a fun Truck. View Details
26 1980 Boston Whaler 1980 13’ Boston Whaler on trailer with a 40 HP Suzuki. I bought this Boston Whaler for my own use around the Anacortes area. I had one years ago so I know how great Whalers are. The only reason for selling is I bought a bigger boat for getting around the San Juan Islands. I painted the bottom so I could leave it at the dock. I don’t think the Suzuki has many hours on has always started and it moves the Whaler very well. Really don’t want to sell it but I don’t need 2 boats in the water. View Details
27 1955 chevy 210 1955 Chevrolet 210 4 Door. DGC1194 VIN. B55K121194 This is a very solid 3 owner car. I bought this 210 from the 3rd owner and he had owned 33 years. First bought in Arizona then came to Richland Wa. when it was given to the Grandson in 3/25/81. Then on June 20 1985 Dean bought it and it lived in Richland till I bought it this year 2018. After buying it in 1985 Dean drove it to work daily for 19 years then stored it inside for the last 14 years. This Chevrolet will remind you of a survivor car It’s been repaint once that I can tell but the interior looks original and decent. The headliner is tired. The rubber floor mat sows it’s age. The body is very straight some minor spots in the paint. We drove it to the Club House and then up to the auction site. The speedometer dos not work nor do the backup lights. The wipers and heater work. Has as AM/FM/cassette player in the glove box. Have a whole to of recites. Also Dean wrote 3 pages about the car and what he did to it. The trunk has the jack and tools for changing tires JERI DRAGER Sun, Nov 18, 7:09 PM (14 hours ago) to me Chicago Rivet & Machine Got it.Wow!Nice! View Details
28 1951 Chevrolet 1951 Chevy green PU DGT7469 Vin. HAA717469. 77 Nova subframe. Nova 250 6 cylinder engine, 350 turbo automatic transmission. Nova rear end. PS. Front disc brakes, drum rear. Steel plate bed. Turn signals. Seat belts. This is a great driver truck. It eyeballs well but it’s not “show”. Look how it is set up. You do not find these PU’s with a front clip front, disc brakes, power steering and it has an automatic transmission. Anyone can drive it. I bought it about 50 miles away and drove it home, almost all freeway at 60 + MPH. I drove it to Joe, at Old School Garage, another 50 miles. Andrew drove it home 50 miles. Joe did the service and safety check where he found some things that needed repair. Motor mounts and the transmission mount were bad and and he repaired them. Installed new shocks front and rear. Also the wipers were not working and he repaired them. You can see Joe’s invoice in the photos. The interior is decent. The seat has been recovered and looks good. The engine compartment is ugly. It needs to be detailed. The VIN tag has been removed and reinstalled so your state may require bonding? Check out our notice in the photos. The underside has some rust, but not much. See photos. You can see on the truck bed the stake holes have been reinforced. View Details
29 1956 Chevrolet 2 DR Post 1956 Chevrolet 2 Door Post. DGC5738. VIN. B56O055738. The more I look this Chevy over, the better I like it. The paint is impeccable and so is the trim and chrome. The original bumpers were rechromed. The dash is done in a very tasteful flat black with brand new Dolphin gauges. Brushed aluminum dash trim with orange accent. Tilt steering wheel. The seats are done in black vinyl with orange piping. Black carpets just set the interior off. Now this is a frame on restoration that took 6 years. ( not like Gas Monkey 6 weeks restoration. ) Don Richardson did the paint. The engine is a 396 big block 350 HP Casting # shows it is a 1967 engine with about 30,000 miles. Oversized radiator. Dual 21/2 exhaust with flowmasters. Sounds great. Rebuilt Turbo 350 transmission with new torque converter. Rebuilt 3.37 gear rear end. American Racing 5 spoke wheels. Power disc brakes on the front with new drums on the rear. CPP power steering and A-arms. Por-15 rust inhibitor paint was applied inside the body and through out the body. It's fun to buy a car like this knowing how well the workmanship was done. This Chevy is ready to show. Cond. # 2+. (not a frame off, and they are only # 1 when brand new and not driven.) This one has 2,411 miles on it. View Details
30 1954 Oldsmobile Holiday 98 1954 Oldsmobile Holiday 98 2 Dr Hard Top Coupe. DGC3234 #549C3234. I love finding cars restored as nicely as this one. It is a stunning Olds. The workmanship and attention to detail is apparent everywhere you look. It runs and drives just as well too. We bought it in Sun Valley and Andrew drove it home 650 miles so if you want to know anything about it, call Andrew 206-533-9600. High quality restoration with no details missed. Stock car with a new style, vintage air conditioning. This is a “body on” restoration. The paint is a beautiful solid blue. Excellent interior is also done in blue. The engine compartment is detailed and you will want the hood up at any show you take it to. Same with the trunk, it’s all carpeted. I think maybe the biggest thing is the chrome. Most every little piece has been re-chromed. It’s details like this that set this Oldsmobile off. 324 cu in (5.3 L) Rocket V8. Automatic transmission. Power steering. Wide white wall radial tires. Seat belts in the front. If you want a 50’s car that is something special then you need to look at this one in person. It’s not your average car. I bought it as having 47,000 original miles and the Oregon title shows this along with a signed mileage statement. I know if you looked at this Oldsmobile you would say it is a # 1 but # 1’s. are trailer queens only. 1954 Oldsmobile Holiday 98 2 Dr Hard Top Coupe Cond. 2++++. View Details
31 2006 Pontiac Solistice 2006 Pontiac Solistice DGC3438 VIN. 1G2MB33B56Y103438. This is another one of those cars I just wanted. It’s very clean and low milage of 65,862 miles. 2.4-liter, DOHC Ecotec I4 engine that gets 177 hp, which is pleasantly fast and responsive. 5-speed manual. All serviced and safety checked. View Details
32 2001 Vintage Trailers LTD Enclosed Car Trailer 2001 26 FOOT ENCLOSED CAR TRAILER. #5BWUV262312000066. The trailer is set up as a race car trailer. Has roof air. Not sure if it works anymore? This trailer has a 4’ door that makes it easy to load motorcycles. Has a 110 light inside with two 110 outside lights, great for working on your car at night. Tile floor and all finished on the inside. Has a couple dings and dents, but nothing big. Has 4’ foot trailer tongue which is great for towing behind an RV. Big RV battery with 110 inverter. 12 volt power winch. 8 ply tires. 9990 GVW. Neat trailer. I have towed it several hundred miles and it’s a great trailer. This trailer will hold a lot. I know first hand. I had 4 motorcycles, a ’67 Corvette, a Corvette engine, and a load of boxes full of parts. I bought the guy’s Corvette in Idaho and he had a lot of stuff, plus I already had stuff and I was not going to leave anything behind. It’s one of the better towing trailers that we have had. View Details
33 1966 Honda View Details
34 1990 Chinook Concours View Details
35 1986 Pontiac Trans Am This is a clean Pontiac Trans Am. It runs and drives well. Has a 305 engine w/ automatic transmission. PS, Power disk brakes on the front. Nice set of Pontiac wheels with lots of tread left. A/C, AM/FM cassette radio. The exterior is flame red with silver interior. This is not a normal car for us, but we were contacted about it and after seeing it firsthand I wanted to buy it. I like the way it runs and I like the way it drives. Its comfortable and sporty. The radio works but sometimes has issues. I've driven it about 25 miles so far and again it drives great. You will find minor chips and scratches and the front passenger seat has a small hole that I did not see at first. It has been repainted original color as near as I can tell. I do not think the spare tire has ever been on the ground, it still has all its little knobs. Acme Auto Electric & Repair did the service and safety check along with repairing the air , so you now have cold blowing air. I was surprised to learn how collectible this year Trans Am is. I found a wide range in the pricing. This is a above average driver quality car. I think you will enjoy driving this Trans Am and you will get thumbs up. Condition #3+ View Details
36 1975 Ford F150 View Details
37 1993 Chevrolet Silverado 4X4 View Details
38 2004 yamaha star cruiser 2004 Yamaha Road Star Cruiser. DGM5954. VIN. JYAP17EX4A005954. This Yamaha is set up to take a trip. 1,670 V-twin engine with 5 speed transmission. Windshield and wind visors. Leather saddle bags and backrest. 29,422 miles. View Details
39 1962 cadillac 1962 Cadillac 4 Door Sedan. DGC7769. VIN 62L077769. I have driven this Cadillac about 80 plus miles and I would drive it anywhere. The body is very straight and the paint is driver quality. The interior needs to be restored. Mainly seats and carpets. I bought this from a women that used it for her business. Her main business was painting boat names and the trunk was full of paint and painting supplies. She owned it for 30 years. She took good care of it over all those years except the interior. The front bumper and grill are almost perfect. Rear bumper shows some wear. The body is not all dinged or banged up. View Details
40 1982 Ford F-150 1982 Ford F-150 fleetside PU DGT5504. VIN 2FTD15EXCCA45504. Nice clean Ford PU. 4.9L inline 6 cylinder engine. Automatic transmission. Power steering. Power disc brakes on the front drums rear. Great looking wheels with almost new tires maybe 500 miles? Long bed.. The chrome and grill are in great shape. The interior is very clean. The seat has some seam separation. I bought this PU in Anacortes this summer and have driven the truck around the area and it runs and drives very well View Details
41 1951 Ford 1951 Ford Green PU DGT1567 VIN. F1RSP11567. This is a frame off restored PU. Only 356 miles since the restoration was finished. Still has a flathead V8 engine and it runs well. High torque starter, electronic ignition, single wire alternator, converted to 12 volts. T5 manual transmission, hydraulic assist clutch. S10 rear front clip. Power front disc brakes on the front and drums on the rear. Power steering, Had front end completely checked at the end of the rebuild, it is straight and solid. The rear end is from the S10. You can tell it’s set up to run and drive with ease. The paint and chrome are very good.The gas tank has been moved to under the truck bed. The bed is stained plywood. That is the worst thing on the PU which can be changed. Interior has new seats, door panels and carpet. New Dolphin gauges. Tilt column. This is the way I like to find them. View Details
42 1981 Honda View Details
43 2002 Harley Davidson 2002 harley-Davidson 883 Sportster DGM5625. VIN. 1HD4CAM172K145625. I like the deep burgundy color. Not a lot of miles. We just installed a new battery. It has a small dent on the top right side of the tank. Also a chip in the paint that was brush touched. View Details
44 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser. #3C8FY68B62T241870. I have always wanted a PT Cruiser. I came across this one and it was very clean and it drove well. I wanted the leather interior and it has leather. Also it had to have an automatic transmission which it does. Power steering. Power 4 wheel disc brakes. Power windows. Sun roof. AM/FM and CD radio. Remote door opener. Power door locks. It has good history, the parents bought it when it was almost new. Their daughter bought it from them and owned it for about a year until she bought a brand new bigger car. Recent new tires. The timing belt has been recently replaced. Shows 126,000 miles. Air blows cold. I have been surprised how easy it is to get in and out of. How comfortable it is. I like the fact you can easily get the rear seats out of the way and even take them out totally. When they were doing the service and safety check the front brake pads where down and we had them install new pads on the front. I have been driving the PT Cruiser and now have over 1,000 miles. I checked the gas milage for 225 miles and got 21 MPG. I think it’s a good car. View Details
45 2004 Moto Guzzi Breva 750. DGM4589. VIN ZGULLC0034M114589. I had a lead on an old Honda CB 4 that a young women ( mid 20’s ) had for sale. I bought the Honda and somehow she revealed that she had a Moto Guzzi 750. She had bought it new and had ridden it to California and back. She really liked riding motorcycles but she became engaged and her fiancé did not want her riding motorcycles. I bought it back in 2011 and it’s been in my garage all this time. As of this week, it only has 4,256 miles. As you can tell, I never rode it. The nice thing about this bike is that it’s fuel injected so it always starts and runs. Andrew just rode it up to the Clubhouse to take it up to the auction. View Details
46 1950 3100 Pickup View Details
47 View Details
48 View Details
49 Chicago Rivet & Machine View Details
50 Dodge Neon Sign View Details
51 14' kayak blue View Details
52 Yellow Pedal Car View Details
53 Wash machine (square, light blue on top) View Details
54 VW Car Lamp View Details
55 Ford Neon Sign View Details
56 Flying A Neon Sign View Details
57 Dr. Swett's Rootbeer Sign View Details
58 Castrol Lubricants Sign View Details
59 Wash machine View Details
60 Buick/Cadillac Sign View Details
61 Camaro Neon Sign View Details
62 CPD Suresnes gas pump German Looks to me like a very old gas pump. I tried to find something on it I did not find anything on this pump. This is a neat display featuring the gas pump. It’s made to look like a gas station from way back. You have a an old tire pump big funnel an old gas can. Even has and old wood box to hold an old Esso road map. This would look great in any collection View Details
63 1937 Ford fender skirts View Details
64 1940 Lincoln Fender skirts View Details
65 suction gun View Details
66 Ford Mustang Neon Sign View Details
67 Flower Painting View Details
68 7UP Machine View Details
69 Shell Gas Pump View Details
70 1941 Oliver Tractor 1941 Oliver Row Crop 60 tractor. Serial #. 600314. I was driving around Fidalgo Island on a back road when I found the Oliver. I like tractors and have 2 others. It’s been on Fidalgo Island for many years. The man I bought it from bought it 43 years ago on the Island. The engine was rebuilt before he bought it and it still runs well. He maintained the tractor over the years. Installed a new clutch. He told me he would always start it and let it run till it was up to temperature every time, to make sure all the moisture was out of the engine. The power takeoff works. In other words you can use this tractor right now. View Details
71 1955 Micro car This Micro came from Bruce Weiner Micro Car Museum It was there in 2012 and I was told you could drive it on the road. I sure won’t want to. We tried to get it running but we think the engine is tried only 50 lbs compression. Be easy to buy another engine. Has forward and reverse. Has a battery to run the lights View Details
72 Super Bee Wall Clock View Details
73 Bike rack View Details
74 console View Details
75 Bucket Seats View Details
76 Chevy valve covers View Details
77 GTO Neon Sign View Details
78 Coca Cola Neon Sign View Details
79 Playskool Takes Apart Truck Toy View Details
80 Motorcycle pipes View Details
81 Snap-on 12 Outlet Power Strip View Details
82 (4) Hubcaps View Details
83 Trans Am Clock View Details
84 Mopar Neon Sign View Details
85 (4) studded Snow tires View Details
86 Corvette Neon Sign (round circle) View Details
87 Bench Seat View Details
88 Tripod View Details
89 1971 Chevy Service Manual View Details
90 Manifold View Details
91 (4) Rambler Hubcaps View Details
92 Corvette Neon Sign (circle w/ the word corvette below) View Details
93 View Details
94 View Details
95 View Details
96 View Details
97 View Details
98 Motorcycle lift View Details
99 Used Cars OK Neon Sign View Details
100 Schwinn Corvette 3 speed luggage rack View Details
101 Ford V8 Refrigerator View Details
102 Firestone Sign View Details
103 1955 Chevy Manual View Details
104 Westinhouse View Details
105 (2) Ford Hubcaps View Details
106 Utility Rack for pickup View Details
107 Chrome View Details
108 Budweiser hydro plane mirror. Very nice It’s 51” wide and 28” tall. If you look at it close you will see it has some depths to it. I did not notice it till Andrew told me. View Details
109 Olympia. Beer sign lighted. 29 “ wide X 14” View Details
110 Texaco Fire Chief Gas Pump View Details
111 Squad car lights View Details
112 Random Car Parts View Details
113 Blue Gas Boy gas pump. This is the type of pump you would use on a farm or company that wanted to keep track of the gas that was pumped View Details
114 Washing machine (green top round, green bottom) View Details
115 Coke Cooler. , This will look good in your rec room or your garage. It is a Coke adverting cooler set up to display ice cold Coke next the the cash register. It’s 36” tall and 26” wide View Details
116 Pontiac Neon Sign View Details
117 Camel sign lighted double sided. 49” wide 15” tall. View Details
118 View Details
119 View Details
120 View Details
121 View Details
122 View Details
123 View Details
124 View Details
125 View Details
126 View Details
127 View Details
128 View Details
129 View Details
130 View Details
131 View Details
132 View Details
133 View Details
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137 View Details
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